Lane Crawford THE NEXT NEW 2016

We are so excited and proud to accounce this.CECILIA MA is named Lane Crawford's The Next New 2016 Winner.
Lane Crawford held the second edition of its Calling Out for the Next New programme 2016 to promote emerging young entrepreneurs, brands and designers across fashion, home and lifestyle, art and gourmet.
CECILIA MA exclusive collabration will be showcased in Lane Crawford stores across Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and online in Autumn 2016

The Wonderful World of CECILIA MA 'Energy, enthusiasm and endless ideas'

When fashion and accessories designer and illustrator Cecilia Ma was robbed recently in Italy, she handed over everything she had - but fought back fiercely to keep her laptop. “I was going to Milan and Paris Fashion week and hadn’t yet backed up my new design on my computer. I couldn’t give it up!”
It’s a gutsy determination that the Lane Crawford’s The Next New 2016 winner applies to everything she does. Admitting she never takes no for an answer, Ma explains, “If I have a goal, I will do anything to achieve it. If you’re not a person that can relate to those kind of ambitions, you would think I was crazy. I don’t like rules or plans - I like to do things differently and on a whim. Most of the time, I’m living life in the fast lane, without regret.”


CECILIA MA Exclusive Lane Crawford (photos by Lane Crawford)

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